Aliens On Mars – NASA Officials Are Confident That There Is Life On The Red Planet


NASA is like an anthill, incessantly making preparations and creating new technologies each day in preparation for a future human mission to Mars. We should not forget the latest discovery of the National Aeronautics and Space Administration in the past year: the presence of liquid waters on the Red Planet. Alongside this finding, there were also other discoveries NASA did, such as the presence of complex organic compounds that can sustain various life forms and the existence of methane whose levels oscillate in accordance with Mars’ seasons. All that hints to the presence of aliens on Mars. But, is that really the case?

Jim Bridenstine, NASA’s administrator, is confident that Mars is as good as any other planet to contain and sustain alien life. And why shouldn’t he? Taking into consideration the discoveries mentioned above, one would become courageous to affirm that Mars is not such an inhospitable planet as it was once believed. The NASA administrator said in an interview that “the probability of finding life on a world that’s not our own is going up.”

NASA Officials Think That There Might Be Aliens on Mars

Jim Bridenstine also strongly believes that the future Moon mission will be the stepping stone to a Mars mission. It is worth mentioning in this context that the Moon mission is expected to take place within five years, in 2024 when the humans that are going to land on the Moon will set up a lunar base. After this, a Martian mission will, without a doubt, a reality. This is why Jim Bridenstine asserted that this goal might hopefully be attainable in the 2030s.

The 2024 Moon mission will put to the test many concerns regarding a sustainable presence on Earth’s natural satellite. But if astronomers will be able to stay there an extended period, then this will also be possible on the Red Planet. What comes as a surprise (or maybe not so much) is that many American citizens disapproved of NASA’s planned missions to the Moon and Mars and lean towards funding for national healthcare and security. Only 23% of people believed that it was a good thing. Jim Bridenstine was not concerned about this as he believes people behaved the same way in the 60s.


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