Alien Life On Mars? NASA’s Curiosity Rover Snapped A Strange, Bright Blob On Mars


NASA has revealed an image captured by its Mars Curiosity rover on its official website. The picture depicts an abnormally on the Red Planet’s surface, as the US space agency has noted. Could that bright blob represent alien life on Mars?

Curiosity is the American space agency’s rover with the size of a car that has been exploring the pit Gale on the Red Planet since 2012. The spacecraft’s complex mission includes examining the severe Martian climate and geology and analyzing if basic life ever existed on Mars. Now, UFO conspiracy theorists suggest that NASA’s Curiosity rover has encountered its most significant finding yet, as an anomaly has been definitely spotted in the recently shared picture.

The rover’s black and white image depicts the desert environment with high rocky hills, but in front of a wider hills formation, a bright blob is clearly apparent. The image, which was taken on June 16th, gave birth to many theories, including some saying that it shows conclusive evidence that alien life on Mars is real.

Strange, Bright Blob Captured by NASA’s Curiosity Rover Suggests to Alien Life on Mars, UFO-enthusiasts Say

However, some say the spot is a cosmic ray, camera lens flare, or just the sunlight reflecting on rocks. Cosmic rays are generated by highly charged atomic particles, usually from outside our solar system, which travels through space at approximately the speed of light and can create visual effects upon impact. These rays are more naturally occurring on Mars than on Earth because of the planet’s thin atmosphere which doesn’t provide a limit to cosmic radiation.

Equipped with 17 cameras, NASA’s Curiosity rover has traveled 13.38 miles (21.58 kilometers) on the Red Planet’s surface, sending back to Earth relevant data and tons of high-definition captures. This is not the first time when Curiosity rover spotted anomalies on Mars. One time, when another bright blob appeared in a picture captured by the rover in 2014, people claimed it was a light coming from an alien hut.

The spacecraft has two cameras fixed on its mast, which function as a stereo couple of cameras. The right Navcam captured the image released by the US space agency. The appearance and disappearance of the unknown bright blob must have happened quickly, as images that were taken right before and after did not show the same unidentified glob. However, that doesn’t prove that alien life on Mars is real.


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