Alien Life on Mars Might Be Hiding Deep Underground, Scientists Claim


Humans have been searching for alien life signs in various places in the Universe, including the Red Planet, Mars. Even though NASA’s research programs haven’t been able to find any evidence of alien life on Mars, NASA scientists stated that it doesn’t mean, in fact, that the planet has no life on it.

The dry planet’s surface was once, about 4 billion years ago, abundant with rivers, lakes and vast oceans, and a few astrobiologists theorize that the ancient Mars format was a more suitable environment for life than the young version of the Earth. All that while an increasingly agreed upon scientific hypothesis states that life was brought on Earth by meteorites made of Martian rocks colliding into our planet.

However, the livability of the Red Planet has vanished the moment Mars lost its overall magnetic field, thus making way for the harmful charged particles from the Sun to remove Mars’ atmosphere which was once thick. The process which changed Mars and made it the dry and cool planet it is now was observed and registered by NASA’s MAVEN orbiter. Even so, this process isn’t proof that Mars is a dead world now.

There might be alien life on Mars

Michael Finney, the co-founder of The Genome Partnership, stated that if the Red Planet was a habitat in which life thrived, it means that it still has life, even if it has traveled across the place or is in hiding somewhere underneath the planet’s surface. Even though there is no running water on its surface, water could actually exist in the underground subsoil. There is also the possibility of a vast lake underneath the planet’s south pole, as implied by collected data.

NASA has not long ago seen some strange clues, even if definite proof that alien life on Mars exists is yet to be found. For example, Curiosity Rover has discovered signs of methane inside an enormous chasm, namely the Gale Crater which the NASA’s rover has been examining since the year 2012, and also identified the fact that baseline methane mass in the crater’s atmosphere has seasonal periods.

Earth’s atmospheric methane (more than 90 percent of it) is generated by microbes and such organisms, a fact that has been correlated to the Martian situation. Therefore, the theory that there might be alien life on Mars has been elaborated. Other explanations could exist, however, such as the abiotic process which is the reaction of hot water with specific kinds of rock.


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