Alien Life Is Possible And Finding Extraterrestrials Is Imminent Now


For many people, the notion of alien life remains a fantastic one, linked to blockbuster movies and famous sci-fi novels. In recent years, ET has undergone a significant change as it now the primary focus of several studies funded by governments which used to believe that they have no purpose.

Scientists already found the blocks of life on other planets

Life forms feature a complex element structure, but the elements which are present are quite common. Carbon, oxygen, and hydrogen are found in many places around the universe and complex organic chemistry tens to appear quite often.

Amino acids, similar to those found in the proteins which are an essential part of our body were found in comet tail while traces of organic compounds were found in the Martian soil. At almost 6.500 light-years away a giant alcohol cloud can be encountered.

There are also a large number of planets which appear to be habitable. While the first planet outside our solar system was found in 1995 and in less than a quarter of century thousands were identified. Some astronomers believe that up to 40 billion planets similar to Earth reside in the habitable area of their star, an ideal point where the temperatures allow the existence of liquid water on the surface.

We will soon find alien life, and that’s imminent

An Earth-like world is thought to be located around Proxima Centauri, the closest neighboring star. Some believe that we already have to potential to reach it by using current technology since it found at a distance of 4 light-years.

There are also other facts which reinforce the possibility that alien life could be encountered in space. The oldest fossils found on Earth date back to 3.5 billion years ago while select studies claim that the first version of DNA life may have surfaced 4 billion years ago when giant asteroids crashed on the surface.

It is also essential to take into account the fact that some life forms could survive in environments which are deemed too harsh for life found on Earth.


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