Alien Life Has Just Been Discovered On Mars


Humanity has been searching for life on the Red Planet for hundreds of years, and now it seems that a breakthrough discovery has just been made.

Ever since astronomer Giovanni Schiaparelli looked through his telescope to Mars, we’ve been looking for signs that the planet hosts life. He became the very first man to map the Red Planet.

He has observed some really dark areas, but he believed back then that they were seas.

The findings managed to capture people’s imagination and triggered all kinds of sci-fi scenarios.

Martian life has just been discovered

The latest reports have just revealed that there is life on Mars. Alien hunters can celebrate like there’s no tomorrow after this most recent news.

Something that seems to be a kind of algae, lichens, and Martian mushrooms have been photographed by the NASA rovers Curiosity and Opportunity.

There are photos of 15 mushroom-shaped specimens which are showing them growing bigger and bigger and emerging from beneath the red sands of the planet.

Dr. Regina Dass from the Department of Microbiology, School of Life Sciences, India was the study’s co-author.

Here’s what she said, according to

“There are no geological or other abiogenic forces on Earth which can produce sedimentary structures, by the hundreds, which have mushroom shapes, stems, stalks, and shed what looks like spores on the surrounding surface.

She continued and explained that “In fact, fifteen specimens were photographed by NASA growing out of the ground in just three days.”

This is an amazing discovery, and it will definitely open the door to more details and exploration of the Red Planet.

Even if there haven’t been found any Martians hopping on Mars, this is still a breakthrough discovery which means that the planet can definitely support life. Stay tuned for more details on the matter.


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