A Dark Matter Storm Is Rushing Towards The Sun


There’s a bizarre dark matter phenomenon that is speeding towards the Sun at speeds of about 500 km/second, says a new study that has been published in the journal Physical Review D and led by theoretical physicist Ciaran O’Hare from the University of Zaragoza in Spain.

Dark matter is coming from an ancient dwarf galaxy

The team has discovered 10 billion solar masses worth of dark matter arising from an ancient dwarf galaxy and swallowed by the Milky Way billions of years ago traveling along S1.

“(There are) tons of these streams all over the galaxy, some of them are really huge, and you can see them in the sky,” according to O’Hare.

When a smaller galaxy is torn apart by a larger one, the stars and dark matter that belong to the small galaxy are mixed into the bigger one’s halo, just like in the picture above.

The European Space Agency’s billion star-survey that’s using the Gaia spacecraft has zoomed in on the S1 stream because its 30,000 stars have a different chemical composition than the ones native to our galaxy.

Our solar system is inside the S1 stream

There are more than 30 streams like this in our galaxy and S1 captured the interest of astronomers because our solar system is actually inside this stream.

“What we want to do is add the stream as part of our kind of main prediction for the types of signal that should show up in a dark matter experiment,” O’Hare said.

It seems that current detectors that are searching for weakly interacting massive particles probably won’t see anything from S1, but future tech might.

The counter-rotating structure of the S1 will increase the amount of dark matter producing a tell-tale ring-like structure around the wind and tech like the multinational CYGNUS collaboration could detect this in the future without difficulties.


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