30 Scientists From San Diego Will Travel the Globe to Make New Discoveries and Solve Mysteries


Being a scientist can sound overwhelming to many of us, knowing that the world depends on your future research, but these 30 scientists will also get some help in their studies. They will travel the world to study and discover solutions to different global problems, from many fields of work.

They will travel to Brazil, Chile, China, Costa Rica, India, Indonesia, Israel, The Arctic, The South Pacific, The United Kingdom and The Virgin Islands. It will start as a summer field season and they’ll be back in San Diego with enough information to find out the answers to many mysteries.

30 Quests In the Name of Science

UC San Diego is the fifth largest research university in the U.S., and will soon send their scientists across the globe. But they also offered other this opportunity to scientists from other institutions: San Diego State University, Cal State San Marcos, Point Loma Nazarene University and the Southwest Fisheries Science Center in La Jolla.

Can we find out how fast glaciers are melting by analyzing the sound of bubbles that explode in ice? How do bees communicate to avoid predators and are we able to find a signature of the Big Bang?

Well, these questions and many more will be answered soon by the following scientists:

Grant Deane, Dale Stokes, Drew Lucas – oceanographers, Tom Rockwell – seismologist, Brian Keating, Alison Coil – astrophysicists, Jillian Maloney – geoscientist, Tom Levy – anthropologist, Octavio Aburto – marine ecologist, Jennifer Mackinnon, Matthew Alford – marine turtle biologists, David Demer, ocean acoustic engineer, Jeff Moore – marine mammal biologist, Ivano Caponigro – linguist, Mike Mooring – behavioral ecologist, Susan M. Kiene – global health professor, Amy Hays – fishery biologist, Austin Choi-Fitzpatrick – political sociologist, Russ Davis – physical oceanographer, George Vourlitis – ecologist, Rebecca Fielding – Miller – global health, Anita Raj – professor medicine, James Nieh, Elizabeth A. Dinsdale, Jonathan Shurin – biologists, Diego Sustaita – evolutionary biologist and Craig Mcintosh – economist.

At the end of September, they will come from all places on this earth with their discoveries done in the deserts, in the Arctic, in the rainforests and in the reefs!


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  1. Would be better if they would collaborate to solve the catastrophe of plastics in the oceans. Get to it already.

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