You Can Sequence Your Genome for Free, Then Make Money from It


A company – a startup genetics one – is now offering to classify your entire genome for you, at no cost at all. You will be the one owning the data, and with some luck, you could even make money off it.

George Church, who’s a geneticist from Harvard created Nebula Genomics, that’s aimed to overturn the general way of owning genomic information.

Companies like 23andMe make a portion of their cash by checking your hereditary patterns and afterward pitching that data to medicate companies for use in research – unless you don’t want that to happen.

Church stated that his new undertaking leaves possession and control of the information in a person’s hands. What’s more, the genomic investigation Nebula will perform is significantly more point by point than what 23andMe and comparable companies offer.

More and more scientists are going to be interested in this

Nebula will complete a full genome arrangement, as opposed to a preview of key quality variations. That more extensive scope of hereditary data would make the information engage more and more scientists and biotech and pharmaceutical companies.

Producing a full grouping costs about $1,000. However, the value keeps on tumbling, as Church says. Nebula’s plan of action foresees that companies and research associations would pay for the expense of sequencing, if in return they additionally get some key therapeutic data about the individual included. On the off chance that that turns out to be the situation, individuals would get their hereditary data at no expense.


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