Witnesses See Calgary Police Officer Getting Shot


The shooting that took place in Calgary on Tuesday afternoon ended in one death and a police officer injured. The officer is in stable condition after he suffered multiple injuries. His family is with him at Foothills Medical Centre.

According to the CBC News, he is Const. Jordan Forget and has worked at the Calgary Police Service for five years.

On Tuesday morning, near Abbeydale, a man robbed a convenience store. Chief Roger Chaffin stated in a news conference the following:

“Following the robbery, brandishing a firearm, the suspect allegedly attempted to carjack a woman outside a home in the 100 block of Abingdon Way N.E.”

The Suspect Fired Several Shots

After the robbery, the man tried to break into a home. When officers got to him, they found the suspect hidden between two houses.

“As officers entered the backyard the suspect began firing shots at the officers. It is our understanding that members of our service returned fire,” said Chief Roger Chaffin.

During the standoff, the garage caught fire. “Once the fire was extinguished one man was located deceased inside the garage,” added Chaffin.

So far, the police have no other suspects involved in the shooting. They also don’t know what was the cause of the fire.

An Officer Was Shot

“I just see the officer falling down to the ground”, said a resident that was a witness to the attempted theft. She first saw the man and reported the theft. Later, watching from her house, she saw two officers looking toward the place “where the guy was hiding”.

“There was one police officer lady and the other one who got shot,” she said in an interview with the CBC News. “Suddenly I hear one, two, three, four shots. I run to the window and I just see the officer falling down to the ground and the other lady, she’s calling for help.”

The woman filed a report to the officer that was later shot, saying that a person tried to steal her car:

“He gave me the report and he said ‘Please just shut the door and stay safe. So I was so sorry. I was crying, actually, when I saw him falling down.”

Other families saw the incident too, saying that the moment was terrifying.

Chief Chaffin stated that the last incident like this one happened over 25 years ago in Calgary, but he’s proud of his team and “grateful that our officer is recovering”.


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