Why You Should Hire a Tech-savvy Lawyer


Technology has changed our lives and made them easier in so many ways. It is no different for those in the legal industry. Advances in technology and new software and programs have dramatically improved productivity at law firms. Why is it important to hire a lawyer who is comfortable working with technology?

These days, many tech savvy lawyers rely on software and apps to run their whole practice. This is particularly true for lawyers from small firms or solo lawyers, as they often need to wear a lot of hats. Independent lawyers need to take care of marketing, accounting and invoicing themselves. The smartest lawyers have figured out that they can let automation simplify these tasks for them, using apps like Rocket Matter.

Rocket Matter is a cloud based law practice management software that allows you to perform several tasks that usually take hours down to minutes, with just a few clicks of your mouse. Rocket Matter allows you to accurately track time without including administrative work, and to create invoices instantly and effortlessly. You can even create multiple bills all at the same with the batch billing feature.

This app also makes managing all the information related to your cases a breeze. You can organize your cases on a dedicated dashboard, upload all the information related to them, and track progress and manage deadlines so you never fall behind. You can even collaborate with your colleagues by easily sharing files with them so everyone is on the same page.

Tech savvy lawyers know that there are better things they could be doing with their time than wading through administrative work and tedious piles of paperwork. The reason why you should hire a tech savvy lawyer is because they know how to use legal technology to their advantage so they can focus the bulk of their time on substantive legal work.

Technology doesn’t just make life easier for the tech savvy lawyer; it also benefits the client. Embracing legal technology allows lawyers to provide their clients with a client experience that sets them apart.

Certain tools can help strengthen the relationship between a tech savvy lawyer and their client. They increase transparency and improve communication, helping to build greater trust between the client and his lawyer.

Take legal billing software, for example. Lawyers are required to log their time so their clients can see exactly what they’re being billed for and how their lawyer has made use of the time they’re charging. This can help clients feel more comfortable and confident about the services they are paying for.

Legal technology doesn’t only make work easier for the tech savvy lawyer, but it also helps them to produce more accurate work. Legal technology allows you to keep client information safe, and automation ensures that less errors are made and fewer details are likely to fall between the cracks.

Being tech savvy can give lawyers a competitive edge. Lawyers who take time to learn about new technology and to integrate it into their workflow stand out from their peers. A willingness to learn and embrace new technology is a good sign that these lawyers truly care about their work, and are passionate about producing the best results and providing the greatest experience for their clients.


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