Why do People Love Bees but Hate Wasps?


A new study that was published in Ecological Entomology, which is based on a survey of 750 people across 46 different countries, shows that the public has a dislike towards wasps, whereas bees are liked by people.

Researchers say this is unfair

The researches involved in this study have mentioned that people’s perception of wasps must change, since they are as ecologically useful as bees. The public needs to be aware of this and they suggest that a public relations campaign should help restore the image of wasps. They also said that they would like to see exactly the same efforts being made to protect the wasps as there are with the bees.

Why do people dislike wasps?

It is a known fact that wasps are not much liked by those who go out for a picnic and that their stings are quite painful. According to the new study, these are some of the least loved insects by people. The volunteers in the survey were asked to give ratings to insects ranging from minus five to plus five, the later one being the representation of a strongly positive emotion. Most of the participants gave a plus three or more for bees, while wasps got the opposite ratings, with ratings of minus three or below.

The volunteers were also asked to provide some words that come to their mind when they think about these two types of insects. Most popular words that they came up with for bees were, as expected, “honey”, “pollination” and “flowers”, whereas they associated wasps with “sting”, “dangerous” and “annoying”.

Why is this a problem?

The people’s attitude towards wasps is quite important. Let’s not forget that wasps also pollinate flowers and they can be helpful in killing pests. This means that they have just the same importance as bees do. In Dr. Seirian Sumner’s opinion, who led the research, wasps have a bad reputation. Unfortunately, people don’t know about all the good things that they can also do and how much of an ecological asset they truly are. Dr. Sumner also said that there is not enough research to show the positive effects that wasps have on the environment.


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