What Would Happen If You Live Long Enough On Other Planets


From what we were taught, without a spacesuit a human can survive in only one place in our solar system, that being the earth. However, it does not mean we can’t analyze how a situation would turn out if we try living on other planets.

What would happen on Mercury?

The hottest planet of the solar system is Mercury because it is the closest to the Sun. However, its temperatures variations are not that extreme. Some astronomers used to think that Mercury does not rotate and that would mean that one side of the planet would always be cold as it never faces the Sun. The thing is that this theory is not correct. The planet rotates, but amazingly slow. On Mercury, one day lasts about half a year on Earth, 176 days to be more precise. But do not worry! You will not live for more than two minutes because you will either burn or freeze.

Life on Venus

Venus is close to Mercury, and its temperatures reach 470 degrees Celcius due to the fact that its atmosphere is mainly composed of thick carbon dioxide by which the heat of the Sun is trapped. You will be vaporized in less than one second.

Living on Mars

Mars is the most likely to be a replacement for the Earth, but you will literally have your breath taken away if you live there. The red planet does not provide right supplies of air, and as you will try to beg for a breath, your lungs will begin to be clouded by silicate dust. Your death will be quick, but painful as your organs will begin to rupture due to the low atmospheric pressure of Mars.

Surviving on Jupiter

Jupiter has a great scenic look, but touching it will bring the end to your life. As far as we know this planet has no surface as it is made out of gas which will make your body descend through layers of helium and hydrogen that look like clouds. Falling deeper would cause the pressure and temperature to rise, but you do not need to worry about that as being dead does not involve feeling pain. The moment you arrive on the planet the pressure kills you.

Is Saturn the option?

Saturn is another amazing planet to look at. The rings of the planet are made out almost entirely of water ice that presents itself into billions of differently sized particles. However, it is not solid, and no solid ground will be found on the planet either. Saturn is similar to Jupiter so you will be swallowed in a millisecond.


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