Vietnam to Launch a Project to Deal with Antibiotic use in the Pig Sector?


A project which will supposedly last for 2 years, which will evaluate veterinary health administration and veterinary medication use in Vietnamese pig farms, has just been propelled.

What is VIDAPIG?

The Health and Antibiotics in the Vietnamese Pig Production Project, which is known as VIDAPIG is a cooperation between 4 institutions: a university, the one from Copenhagen, the National Institute of Veterinary Research and the one for Nutrition and the International Livestock Research Institute.

What’s its scope?

This project will do some research to distinguish and assess factors that are influencing veterinary health and veterinary medication use, with the point of building up antimicrobial usage practices, that depend on a One Health approach over the smallholder pig segment.

When did it all start?

The first idea was that this project will be starting from February 2018 and will last until January 2020. It was supposed to take place in the Bac Ninh Province.

It was actually launched at a workshop on the 2nd of March 2018, at the Vietnamese Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development in Hanoi.

How are they going to do it?

VIDAPIG’s exploration approach is concentrating on discovering a solution and add changes in antimicrobials usage with a specific end goal – to decrease animal drug resistant. The traditional research approaches concentrate just on observing the antimicrobials usage and the improvement of medication drug resistance.

The project is financed by the Danish

The Danish Ministry of Foreign Affairs is financing the project with the help of the Strategic Sector Cooperation Facility, which is lined up with the Vital Sector Cooperation (SSC) on Food Safety in the Pork Value Chain.


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