Vancouver Sky Will Light Up Under the Full Strawberry Moon Tonight


Tonight’s the night when you should stay awake and check out the sky. If you’re in Vancouver, then you’ll see a full Strawberry Moon appear tonight.

And if you’re wondering why the moon doesn’t have the color of a strawberry, here’s the answer.

Strawberry Season in Canada

Indigenous Canadian tribes call the first full moon in June a ‘strawberry moon,’ because it’s around the time when strawberries start to ripen.

According to, “to the casual observer, however, the moon will appear full the day before and after it’s peak brightness, so you’ll have plenty of time to enjoy the lunar sight, weather permitting.”

The full moon this month has other names, added “the Full Strawberry Moon, or the full Rose Moon and the Lotus Moon.”

The article also explains that we could also see the almost full moon last night and tomorrow night: “the moon will often look roughly the same on two consecutive nights surrounding the full moon.”

Based on the forecast, the moon rises at 8:58 pm and will set at 5:45 am, so there is plenty of time to see the full moon, even for those that want to go to bed early. We can only hope that the weather will cooperate.

Unfortunately for Metro Vancouver, you won’t be able to spot Saturn this night, but it can be visible in many parts of North America.

Astronomer Bruce McClure said about the full moon tonight that it’s the “longest total lunar eclipse of the 21st century on the night of July 27-28, 2018, lasting for a whopping one hour and 43 minutes. A partial eclipse precedes and follows the century’s longest total lunar eclipse, each time lasting one hour and six minutes. So, from start to finish, the moon takes nearly four hours to cross the Earth’s dark umbral shadow.”

Full Moons in 2018

The next full moons we will have in 2018, according to NASA, will be on August 26 – Sturgeon Moon, September 24 – Harvest Moon, October 24 – Hunter’s Moon, November 23 – Beaver Moon and December 22 – Cold Moon.


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