Vaccine Data to be Uploaded on Blockchain Due to Scandal


The fraudulent actions of a Chinese vaccine manufacturer have started a heated debate that spread like wild fire in the last week. The solution, in the vision of the Chinese cryptocurrency community, is blockchain.

The scandal was sparked by a report from China’s State Drug Administration. Acting on an anonymous tip-off the Chinese government started an investigation of the Changsheng Biotechnology and found out that certain production data of its rabies vaccine has been maliciously modified in order to put it in a good light and increase profits.

The reveal led to public outcry both local and international, as the product was recalled and production stopped until further notice. Some fear that the vaccine may but children in danger, although no cases of adverse symptoms have been reported. Blockchain enthusiasts are pushing for blockchain adoption in the big pharmaceutical industry, in order to verify and asses that each developed product respects the international quality standards.

A vocal advocate for blockchain and crypto investor Li Xiaolai argued for the adoption of blockchain in his WeChat channel, mentioning that vaccine development, production and distribution should be a transparent public affair in China. The entire act of the vaccine supply chain should be open to the public eye, with a distributed ledger archiving all the steps implied, from production and quality assurance to how many products are sold and distributed, and even who received a shot of the vaccine. Such an open display would assure the public that they have nothing to fear and that vaccines are safe and necessary.

While an instant solution will not be available, the token-free blockchain may offer a solution for the secure distribution of such sensitive data. Blockchain also help users to bypass the ‘’Great Firewall’ and have access to controversial articles and information that is otherwise censored by the Beijing government.


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