Unknown Chain of Volcanoes is the Paradise for Marine life


A new discovery was made by the Australian National University and CSIRO scientist near Tasmania, while researching vessel Investigator. A chain of volcanic seamounts that hosts marine life and a large number of whales uses it as a navigation system. These volcanoes are very deep down in the sea and about 400 kilometers East of Tasmania.

“Our multibeam mapping has revealed in vibrant detail, for the first time, a chain of volcanic seamounts rising up from an abyssal plain about 5,000 meters deep. The seamounts vary in size and shape, with some having sharp peaks while others have wide flat plateaus, dotted with small conical hills that would have been formed by ancient volcanic activity.” ,” Tara Martin, a member of the CSIRO mapping team reported.

The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration reported that nearly 20 percent of Earth’s oceans have been investigated so maybe that is why the 3,000 meters undersea volcanoes were not found until now.

“Having detailed maps of such areas is important to help us better manage and protect these unique marine environments, and provides a stepping stone for future research,” said Martin. “This is a very diverse landscape and will undoubtedly be a biological hotspot that supports a dazzling array of marine life.”

However, the volcanoes were not the only surprise for the researcher, about 28 individual humpback whales were identified that day, pod of 60-80 long-finned pilot whales, a variety of seabirds, four species of albatross and four species of petrel.

Indeed, the volcanic chain wasn’t the only thing that caught the eye of the researchers; the seamounts appeared to serve as a kind of mid-ocean oasis for a host of marine organisms. In addition to finding copious amounts of plankton in the area, the researchers observed various seabirds and a surprising number of whales.

‘Clearly, these seamounts are a biological hotspot that supports life, both directly on them, as well as in the ocean above.’  Eric Woehler, a research scientist from BirdLife Tasmania said.

This chain of volcanoes might help the whales when they travel from the winter breeding location to their summer feeding area as a navigation tool.

The team of Australian researches is already planning the furthermore investigations that they will make in order to find out more about this mysterious volcano and its marine life.


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