University of Windsor Student Launches Compost Company to Deal With Organic Waste


By 2025, the provincial government will have every city get green bin recycling, meaning that they will have to offer the collection of organic waste, as they do now for bottles or cans.

But a young man in Windsor can’t possibly wait seven years for it.

Dane Fader is a student at the University of Windsor, and at only 21 years old he launched his own company called GreenerBins Composting Company. He offers weekly services of picking up organic waste to his customers.

Fader lived briefly in Toronto and Halifax, both cities having compost collection services. So, he came back home with the idea that if you want something done, why wait for it and not do it yourself?

Composting Organic Waste: No Mess, No Critters, and Happy Customers

Once a week, ‘GreenerBins’ goes to pick up customers’ buckets filled with compost and give them an empty one. Fader explains what they do with it afterward:

“We take all that food waste and we compost it. We work with a variety of community partners [and] local farms where we can bring the food waste.”

Three times per year, ‘GreenerBins’ can also return the compost to their customers for free, so that they can use it in the garden. He says that the ‘GreenerBins’ can be filled with “veggies, fruits, egg shells, meat, dairy, bones, tea bags, coffee grinds, animal hair, grass clippings, and bread products.” Some of these are not accepted by the yard waste collection in the city.

The buckets are air-tight and “water-tight,” so there is no way rats, flies or any other critter can get inside them. Fader added that “they never have any mess or smell” either.

Customers are happy with the service. Some are happy that they cut back on the number of garbage bags, and others are happy they’re safe from critters. Take Mark LeFebvre for example. He is a happy customer:

“With critters getting in to our composting, we actually had to stop, so this is a great solution for us.”

The company already has 38 customers, and Fader’s goal was to get 30 by this time. And he’s happy that not just homeowners are interested in his services, but businesses are also looking forward to collaborating with him.


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