Two Planets Discovered Recently Can Be Similar to Earth


Thanks to scientists and their work for the last several years, new exoplanets discoveries are taking our attention right now. Of course, thanks to the latest powerful observational tools, the job couldn’t be done so quickly. Of course, new planets found regularly, so this is not hot news, but the fact that we could find and use in the future worlds that are similar to Earth, this is hot news. Finding a planet that supports life is the goal of each scientist, and it’s maybe one of the hardest tasks.

The discovery

With all the effort of discovering potentially life-supporting new planets, the scientists found two worlds that are from this category. The good part is that the two planets are right in our Galaxy. You can see all the findings in the Astronomy and Astrophysics. With this hot discovery, new plans and missions can begin soon. We are some curious beings, so for sure scientists and astronauts will have a goal of exploring these two unique worlds as well.

However, the two planets are orbiting a nearby star called Teegarden, and it has been around in the scientists’ eyes from 2003. But only now everything became more, and they have found out what is the object orbiting Teegarden. The first star is 12 light years away and very old, around eight billion years old. If this information is real, that means that the planets surrounding it can have a long time for fostering life.

Besides this, Teegarden is little in comparison to the Sun, but with a 10% smaller mass than our planet. Even so, the two worlds that are orbiting the star seem to have an ideal place for life to take root. The temperatures are right, and the water is in liquid form on the surface.

Finally, further investigation will be made for the two planets. They will use the powerful telescopes for getting a better view of them and their surface.


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