Trump’s “Space Force” Gets Full Support from NASA Administrator


Jim Bridenstine, the NASA Administrator, stated on Monday that he supports the military “Space Force” proposed by President Donald Trump.

However, he added in an interview that the Space Force would have a different role, explaining that NASA is responsible for science, space exploration, and technology development:

“We want to be an agency that maintains its independence from those capabilities.”

While touring the Michoud Assembly Center and checking out the systems that will help send Americans to the Moon and, why not – to Mars, he talked about the work conducted at Michoud and other concerns the space agency has.

A Military Branch

When President Donald Trump called for creating a military branch named the “Space Force,” Bridenstine was there, giving his full support. He explains that they need this new military branch because all the satellite technology and GPS are space assets of the nation. These assets are vital to communication, navigation, climate, banking and more:

“If we lose GPS, we lose banking in the United States of America. There’s no milk in the grocery store in a matter of three days.”

However, this branch has to be approved by the Congress. So far, experts and military leaders see the launch of this bureaucratic service branch as being too expensive.

The James Webb Space Telescope

At Michoud, Bridenstine also talked about the James Webb Space Telescope, which has only seen many delays in the past years. The telescope is supposed to replace the Hubble Space Telescope.

The Webb Telescope is now a $10 billion project, but considering that Bridenstine promised we will learn things we have never known about the universe, it might all be worth it:

“We are, in fact, going to see back to the very beginning of the universe, what we call cosmic dawn.”


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