Three Giant Asteroids are Heading Towards Earth


Three giant asteroids are heading towards our planet as they will pass by us at an incredible speed, one after another, with the first one coming at around 3.13 pm BST.

It is estimated that the asteroids will pass arrive in a similar timeframe, with a break of up to half an hour between them. Their diameters are surprisingly similar.

Asteroid 2018 TU4, the first of the group, will pass very closely, coming at a distance of 0.03637 astronomical units, or 14.16 lunar distances.  Lunar distance is a unit used by astronomers, namely the distance between the soon and the moon, which is quite far away at an impressive 92.95 million miles or 149.59 kilometers in the case 2018 TU4.

While that may seem a lot, it is thought that 2018 TU4 will come as close as 3.3 million (5.4 million kilometers) miles away, which puts it in an Earth Close Approach trajectory.

Earth Close Approaches occur if a passing object comes within 0.05 au or 4.64 million miles (7.46 million kilometers) away from Earth. Usually, the objects are also called Near-Earth objects, and in most cases, they are asteroids or comets.

The European Space Agency defines them as objects with a perihelion of 1.3 au or smaller. According to official measurements by NASA, the size of 2018 UT4 ranges between 68.6 and 157.48 feet (21 to 48 meters) in diameter. Its speed should be around 24,562 mph or 10.98 km per second.

While it seems pretty small at first glance meteor close the same size injured more than a thousand people when it crashed into Earth back in 2013.

SL3, in hot pursuit of 2018 TU4, is a bit bigger at around 82.02 to 187 feet (25-57 meters). The asteroid will also come closer at 0.02319 or 215 miles (3.46 million km). it also travels faster at around 30 miles or 13.43 km per second.

Last but not least, the smaller TS1 will come even closer at 0.0169 au, or 1.5 million miles (2.53 million km) and at the same speed as 2018 TU4.


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