These Mars Habitat Concepts Are Breathtaking! – The HP Mars Home Planet Challenge


This space era is all about Mars. NASA’s challenge to get scientists and inventors find a way to transform CO2 into other molecules is on its way. HP’s challenge focused on building a home on Mars.

We might be decades away from getting to Mars or even forming a colony, but it will surely happen one day, and why not be prepared for it?

But to survive on the planet, we’d need a home that should look like NASA’s Habitat Demonstration Unit.

The HP Mars Home Planet Challenge

This is where HP comes with some help in making the human dream a reality. The challenge just finished, and the winners have presented breathtaking Martian cities.

This competition had three stages: one was the Concept challenge, for which 464 teams registered. The winners were chosen in November, last year. Then, 332 teams entered the 3D modeling challenge, which was awarded this March.

In the last stage, the final round ended with 177 teams, and the winners were announced on 14 August.

All the concepts and renderings had to take into account that it was a habitat specially built for living on Mars, so the teams had to take into consideration Mars physics – 25% of the concept was only for that, while the others were originality, creativity, and rendering quality.

Living on Mars will be tough: it has only 37.6% of Earth’s gravity, a thin atmosphere, and massive dust storms. Teams had to take all these factors into account, so the majority of the concept cities were enclosed with domes to protect them from solar radiation or dust storms, offering a breathable atmosphere.

Some concepts even had means of transportations, power plants to use the natural resources on Mars, oxygen generators, farms and special clothing.

The best entries even had a VR experience which was seen at the SIGGRAPH conference in Vancouver.

These remarkable colonies will have to wait until humans get to Mars, but we can take a moment and stroll through them and dream of the future, right?


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