The Search for Planet Nine Continues


Recent discoveries may foreshadow the existence of an elusive giant world that is located near the outer edges of our solar system. One of them was the discovery of the dwarf planet 2015 TG387, nicknamed ‘’The Goblin’’. The planet has a bizarre orbit that seems to have been influenced by the gravity generated by a large planet. At least 12 other distant objects were also influenced.

According to some researchers, the existence of Planet Nine remains the only viable explanation. The theory gained traction back in 2014 when two researchers argued that a large planet could exist somewhere in the dark corners of the solar system. Its existence could justify the weird orbits exhibited by dwarf planets like Sedna and 2012 VP113 and several other distant objects.

In 2016 two researchers announced that there is more evidence which confirms the existence of the giant planet, which was named Planet Nine. The same researchers also theorized that the planet could be at least 10 times bigger than Earth. It is also thought that it is orbiting at 600 AU from the Sun (one AU equals the distance between the Sun and Earth, approximately 93 million miles or 150 million kilometers).

The number of affected objects also raised as time passed, with at least 14 known objects that appear to have been influenced by a strong gravitational pool. At appears that the modified tips of the point of the orbit in the same direction, another hint that an external influence exists.

Some scientists argued that the phenomenon may be caused by the combined pull from several small objects inside the Kuiper Belt, a ring if icy objects that surround Neptune’s orbit. Batygin, one of the two researchers that elaborated the Planet Nine theory, counter-argues that this would have led to a dramatically different Kuiper Belt.

Planet Nine is hard to identify since the research is limited by the current technology but the situation may change in the future.


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