The Natural Environment Helps the Economic Growth


Director General of the Planning Institute of Jamaica, Dr Wayne Henry, has asked Jamaicans to enhance the care of the natural habitat, particularly woods, as low strength to precipitation and beach front disintegration had straightforwardly added to a reduction in monetary development in the course of recent years.

About the Jamaican economy

As said by Henry, in the course of recent decades, the Jamaican economy has lost about 1-2 for each penny of GDP every year to such calamities.

He included in his statement that in November 2017, 4.5 hours of raining in the city of Montego Bay brought damage and misfortunes of $36.8 million to the government.

This does exclude expenses of damage or misfortune to property or different assets which belong to business people from the area, as included by Henry.

So what’s the plan?

Talking on Wednesday in Kingston at the Forestry Department’s forum to perceive the International Day of the Forest, Henry likewise said that for Jamaica to create some reasonable urban areas and groups, forests ought to be joined into urban outlines.

The woods would not be the loss of urbanization and advancement; rather, they could exploit the woodlands benefits in guaranteeing food security, reducing per capita ecological effects, protecting air quality, building disaster resilience,, supporting climate change alleviation and adjustment, and enhancing asset proficiency.

Henry likewise noticed that the PIOJ will screen the forthcoming Jamaica-European Union Cooperation Program, the Addressing Environmental and the Climate Change challenges through Improved Forest Management in Jamaica (IFMJ) which is esteemed at a price of €16.15 million.

The 2018 topic of the International Day of the Forest was “Forests and Sustainable Cities” and the gathering denoted the 80th Anniversary of the Forestry Department.


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