The Longest Eclipse of the 21st Century Lasted for More Than 100 Minutes


Everybody heard of this eclipse, even though it wasn’t noticeable from North America. Star-gazers in regions close to the Middle East, south or eastern Africa, western and southeast Asia and India could get a look at this celestial occasion – that, as long as the weather let them, as Petro said.

It lasted for six hours and 13 minutes

In those territories, the apogee of the lunar eclipse (that’s when the moon will hold its red shading) went on for around an hour and 42 minutes. The whole event lasted around six hours and 13 minutes, as per Petro.

Occupants in Australia saw the lunar eclipse as the moon set, while those in eastern Brazil and western Europe saw it as the moon raised.

What was the best way to see it?

Petro proposed that you should either rent a boat and drive it to the center of the Indian Ocean or you should go see your relatives in Ethiopia for the best seat in the house.

What did people think about it?

A San Antonio couple named Miguel and Sara who encountered the eclipse from Cairo, Egypt depicted it as a wonderful sight. Miguel also said that it looked like a giant tangerine and that Cairo was actually a little bit colder than Texas was at that moment.

The overcast climate conditions in urban areas like London, Moscow and Hong Kong blocked the views of the blood moon in those zones.

A reporter form ABC News named Matt Gutman portrayed seeing the lunar eclipse from Hong Kong as more like a dark smirch, because of the weather.

Be that as it may, urban communities like Rome and Cairo, and a few zones in Africa had a reasonable view of the moon.


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