The Less Screen Time for Kids, the Higher the Mental Performance, say Scientists


There’s a new study out there that suggests something pretty interesting. Apparently, those parents that are obsessed with cutting down on their kids’ smartphone time might be actually on a right path. It seems that those kids won’t have difficulties concerning their brain power.

The study was published just this Wednesday in Lancet Child & Adolescent Health and it states that the children who use smartphones or other such devices in their spare time for less than 2 hours a day did better when it came to cognitive testes performed on their thinking, memory and language capabilities.

For this study, there were approximately 4,500 children assessed, from age 8 to 11. Their behaviors were taken into serious consideration, so anything regarding their time spent on screens, their sleep schedules and how much exercise they do on a regular basis was analyzed and from this the scientists were capable of measuring just how much each factor contributed to the child’s mental abilities.

When finished, the research was compared to what the national guidelines are regarding children’s health. Among those guidelines, there are pieces of advice which recommend that the children found in that age group should get at least one full hour of exercise, no more than two hours of recreational time spent on screened devices and they should get from 9 to 11 hours of sleep every night.

The scientists found that, at least from their study, only 5 percent of children met all these three conditions. A whopping 63 percent of kids spent more than 2 hours a day watching screens and those that haven’t met a single criterion performed the worst on memory, thinking and language tests than those who met all recommendations.


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