The Keto Diet Isn’t for Everyone


In recent months, the keto diet has gathered a strong following as it seems that it will become the most popular diet trend of the year.

Those that decide to follow the diet will have to renounce major food groups, among which we can count dairy products, grains, some vegetables, and legumes. The diet aims to convince your body to use fat as an energy source, a process that will produce ketones, which lead to a state known as ketosis.

The diet is featured in many Instagram feeds tagged with #keto. Many users were surprised by plates that are filled to the brim with steaks and avocado. Meal delivery services have already embraced the trend, and select retailers offer test strips that allow you to check your ketone level.

USC experts note that the diet may not be great for everyone. According to official statistics, 90% of Americans were on a diet at least once in their life. The vast majority tried to lose weight while others aimed to improve their health. In the long run, the keto diet can lead to unpleasant effects since the reduction of carbs can cause increased health risks and mortality.

A ketogenic diet is usually prescribed by a trained specialist. Some patients, like those that have epilepsy, may benefit from its effect. Some studies have also inferred that a high-fat diet could be beneficial for those that have suffered brain injuries or are battling neurodegenerative diseases. Those that wish to try the diet should consult a registered dietitian in advance.

Another issue is posed by the fact that the diet is not nutritionally adequate. Most dietitians advise their patients to consume a generous amount of fresh fruit and vegetables to mitigate the lack of certain nutrients that are missing in a keto diet.

Some researchers note that a long-term keto diet could affect bone health. Further studies are needed to observe the sustenance of the keto diet and its effects on the health of the patient.

In most cases, the same results can be achieved by having a balanced lifestyle and removing processed foods, juices and sodas from your diet.


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