The international Team of Astronauts took off for their Mission on the International Space Station


Many ”space geeks” already know that a team of astronauts was getting ready for an important mission on the International Space Station. The last month has been very intense for three brave people who didn’t care that the first attempt to reach space had failed.

An astronaut from Russia, one from America and a Canadian signed in for a long journey on board of the Soyuz MS-11 rocket. This is the second time when Earthly matter takes off to the ISS and all hopes are up, despite the fact that the first rocket to leave in that direction dramaticaly crashed in October this year.

Soyuz MS-11 was launched on Monday after a long series of tests ran by the Russian space industry

The decision to blast off on a Russian rocket was taken considering the Soviet’s experience and increased capacity to send crews to the International Space Station. Even if they had serious fails in recent years, NASA still considers the Rusian Space Agency a suitable partner for important missions.

Besides, everybody heard about the Ukraine crisis and how it affected the cooperation between the Soviet Union and the USA. In this case, Cosmos remains one of the few collaborative areas between the two giants and they are not planning to waste this opportunity.

This time, the team coordinating the mission to the space station chose the Soyuz MS-11 rocket as transport mean. The honourable crew members lifted off from the Baikonur cosmodrome situated in Kazakhstan on Monday afternoon. After a flight through the atmosphere which lasted for about 8 minutes, the craft released its boosters and placed the spacecraft into orbit.

The flight was expected to last around six hours, so that the trio could relieve the crew which is currently on the Space Station. This team which is already here is scheduled to head to Earth soon, therefore they will start the coming-home journey on December 20th.


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