The Falcon 9 Rocket Was Spotted at Pad 39A


SpaceX is responsible for numerous interesting projects and it is always interesting to see them evolve. While SpaceX (and Elon Musk himself) usually offers us constant updates, sometimes information reaches us in other ways.

This time, an open hanger door allowed photographer Tom McCool to peek inside and spot the Falcon 9 Block 5 booster in the late stages of pre-launch integration. This took place on November 27 and he immediately took it to Twitter to announce his followers:

“#SpaceX had the door open to the HIF at 39A this morning showing us a #Falcon9”

This means that December will be an incredibly busy month for SpaceX, as the company is trying to work on multiple projects at once. We already know that several boosters have to be launched. This is the anticipated order for them: B1050, B1054, and B1051 for CRS-16 (Cargo Dragon), an upgraded GPS III satellite, and DM-1 (Crew Dragon). The launches should take place in the following two months.

The Cargo Dragon

The Cargo Dragon is supposed to deliver essential supplies to the International Space Station. It is supposed to launch from SpaceX’s Cape Canaveral Air Force Station (CCAFS) Launch Complex 40 (LC-40). According to the information available, the Cargo Dragon is supposed to handle at least three orbital missions without refurbishment.


SpaceX has won all the five launch contracts for the GPS III satellite launches. The first launch is prepared, and it is expected to take palce on December 18. “Booster B1054 is set to be invovled with this mission. It’s currently classed as “Expendable” meaning no recovery on the Eastern Range,” explained Chris B on Twitter.

Commercial Crew Program

The date set for this project is January 7 2019. Now SpaceX just has to wait until NASA will be done with the paperwork for it.


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