The Faculty of Arts and Science Concentrates to Environmental Engineering Concentration


The Faculty of Arts and Sciences will vote on a proposition to make another engineering concentration and talk about another PhD program in business administration at its month to month meeting, which will take place this Tuesday.

What’s the proposition about?

The proposition looks to set up an Environmental Science and Engineering concentration within the School of Engineering and Applied Sciences. The Faculty initially talked about the likelihood of including another concentration at its last gathering in March, when Professor Daniel P. Schrag exhibited the proposition.

On the off chance that the proposition passes, it will bring the quantity of concentration Harvard offers students to the number of 50. The College included recently the theatre, dance, and media concentration a few years back, in 2015.

The Faculty Council voted collectively in February for the new concentration, however, their vote is simply a warning

Environmental Science and Engineering are, as of now, a track inside the Engineering Sciences concentration. It is the main territory of research inside Engineering Sciences that does not have its own different concentration. Students would already be able to concentrate in Biomedical Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, or Electrical Engineering.

At the last faculty meeting, Schrag clarified that the new concentration does not essentially go amiss from the environmental engineer track that students can, at present, seek under Engineering Sciences at SEAS. Rather, Schrag stated, the new concentration will take into consideration greater adaptability in the educational programs. The new Environmental Science and Engineering concentration will allow students a Bachelor of Arts degree at the end.

Harvard Business School Dean Nitin Nohria will likewise exhibit a proposition at the Faculty meeting. He will contend for the making of another PhD program in Business Administration to be mutually offered by HBS and FAS.

Under the proposition, the new PhD program will supplant the current Dr of Business Administration degree. The change is expected to be a better mirror of the work D.B.A. students do and to reinforce their disciplinary preparing, as per the proposition.


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