The Extinction of Dinosaurs Continues to Fascinate Researchers


Many scientists are still wondering what caused the extinction of dinosaurs and how did life managed to bounce back after the cataclysm.

A team of researchers from the University of Duhoc is now on the hunt for a particular section of rocks that marks the turning point between the Cretaceous and Tertiary period. At one point during this timeframe a mass extinction event took place.

Fossils of dinosaurs have been found in a variety of places around the world, including Africa and the Middle East. When the extinction hit it completely destroyed a vast selection of species, regardless of the zone where they lived.

While dinosaurs and other land creatures were the main victims of the event a large part of the sea creatures were also affected. It is estimated that approximately 75 percent of all the animal and plant species living at that point were exterminated.

The researchers are now trying to explore the rock layer in order to understand what happened and learn how life managed to adapt and survive until the environment became friendly again.

A few samples have been already sent to Italy where they are analyzed with electron-scanning microscopes.

In Italy other researchers are hard at work as they try to create an accurate timeline map by analyzing the fossils they have already received. The researchers are looking for a particular type of fossils that can be used in order to estimate the approximate age of a sample. Until more samples arrive it is quite hard to make real progress.

The main challenge is posed by the fact that good samples are hard to find. A lot of potential samples proved to be contaminated. The best sample that has been discovered until now is a layer that is approximately 55 centimeters in thickness, located in Tunisia.

Geologists and paleontologist are still puzzled by the how life managed to recover after the massive extinction events and what caused the extinction in the first place. The results may allow us to prevent a similar event from taking place in the future.


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