The Ebola Virus Strikes Again in Congo


A case of Ebola was registered in the town of Mbandaka in the Democratic Republic of Congo last week. Ebola is highly infectious and extremely lethal by spreading through contact with body fluids, such as blood, from an animal or human who has the Ebola virus. It takes between a few days or even weeks for symptoms to appear.

How did it started?

On May 8th, several cases of the notorious hemorrhagic fever were announced in Bikoro. A medical source told AFP that they had quarantined a person who tested positive, namely a priest from the diocese of Mbandaka-Bikoro, but the religious authorities could not be contacted right away.  However, it was unlikely to count the priest among the Ebola victims after The Wold Health Organization had identified 58 cases since early April.

Getting help right away

This week, the DRC health officials launched a vaccination campaign against the latest Ebola outbreak in the town of Mbandaka in the Democratic Republic of Congo. Unfortunately, 27 lives have been claimed by this lethal virus. Gianfranco Rotigliano, charity’s DRC representative, told AFP that every student would be given help when needed. He visited schools in Bikoro and talked about the basic rules against Ebola. The children knew them including avoiding shaking hands and washing their hands regularly. Moreover, UNICEF is involved.

How are people dealing with this outbreak?

According to an AFP correspondent, dispensers containing water and soap mixed with disinfectant have been installed at every house entrance. This way, people will have close access to their own dispenser and avoid catching the disease. One of the fathers of several children, Claude, told AFP that his children didn’t play games that would involve physical contact between them and their friends and that they were careful when shaking hands with someone.


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