The Authorities’ Distribution of Free Narcan Could Save Lives in the Opioid Crisis from Pennsylvania


The opioid crisis seems to have emerged with unstoppable force in Pennsylvania. A simple comparison with the national average shows that this state continues to report a double rate of deaths caused by opioids. The authorities are overwhelmed by this situation and are trying to stop the phenomenon through a controversial program.

Tom Wolfe, Pennsylvania’s Governor, declared that his administration is aware of the fact that the crisis is very severe. The authorities are doing what they can to prevent more people from losing their lives, so they started to hand out a drug which seems to counteract the opioids’ impact and effect. Since the crisis is affecting nearly anyone, the cure is handed out for free.

Naloxone, also known as Narcan, is an effective treatment for overcoming the opioids addiction

Michael Quggle, Public Health Preparedness Coordinator declared that the opioids addiction is so wide-spread that anyone could become a victim. A handy solution to get out of this life-threatening situation is Naloxone, also refer to as Narcan.

In their attempt to stop the opioids-caused deaths phenomenon, Pennsylvania authorities have announced that free Naloxone is being given at the Blasco Library. Their initiative is not singular, because 80 sites are involved in the free distribution program.

Narcan is known for blocking the opium uptake inside the body reversing the overdose’s effect if it happens. It looks like the treatment can serve as emergency cure as well, because, in some cases, people who took it while experiencing an opioid overdose could be saved.

Unfortunately, others were not so lucky. Norma Newman, a certified nurse, came to pick up the free Narcan because she saw that a person can die if the treatment is not administrated on time. Once, a man passed away in front of her eyes because he had taken an opioid overdose and she didn’t have any Naloxone to give him.


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