Survey Revealed Canadians’ Thoughts On Apollo 11 Mission And Future Of Space Exploration


July 20th was a day of grand celebrations as it was the 50th anniversary of the historic first space mission, Apollo 11, that landed humans on the Moon. Everyone celebrated in their own way. NASA, for example, commemorated the occasion with programs, exhibits, documentaries on NASA TV and events, which started on July 16th and will end on July 23rd.

Google collaborated with Michael Collins, the astronaut who navigated the command module to the Moon and celebrated with a video in which Collins chronicles the sequence of events from his point of view while astronauts Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin set the first steps on the moon. Canada has honored the historic moment with several museum exhibits. And these are only some of the examples.

On the occasion of the 50th anniversary, the Canadians were asked about the mission that took place half a century ago and how they see the future of space exploration. The survey was conducted by DART&MARU/Blue and had recorded Canadians’ answers.

Canadians’ thoughts on the Apollo 11 mission and future space exploration

As it turns out, more than three-quarters of Canadians (80%) are honored by the role their country had in space exploration. About 73% of Canadians are convinced that thanks to all the information space agencies obtained during the space mission and their taking part in the space missions, Canada was able to make technological advancements. Their astronauts had motivated more than half of the Canadian residents.

When it comes to the future of space exploration of their country, the opinions are divided. More than half of them (68%) believe that the Federal Government should fund the Canadian Space Agency to continue to make efforts to make advancements in this field, while others believe the CAS should no longer be supported by the Government, the latter having to turn its attention to more paramount matters.

Here are the top three priorities of the Canadian Space Agency, according to Canadians:

  • Feasible technologies in case of catastrophes
  • Implementing telecommunications to protect and keep safe Canada’s residents
  • Precise monitoring of weather and climate

Around 1,500 adult Canadians participated in the survey.


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