Surgeon Tim Brown to Give the Life Back to a Patient with a Kidney Transplant


Not all heroes wear capes.

However, that is the way Jo-Anne Dobson’s child Mark portrays the surgeon who did a surgery – his life-saving transplant – after his mother made an enormous sacrifice by giving her kidney to him two days back.

The two patients are currently recuperating admirably in various areas at the Belfast City Hospital after the surgeries from Tuesday, carefully taken care of by the Consultant Transplant Surgeon, mister Tim Brown.

About mister Brown and the operation

Mister Brown, who has done more than 400 transplants amid his vocation, said the surgery went easily for Jo-Anne and Mark, and he acclaimed her grit at turning into a donor.

He’s excited to say that everything went as expected and the surgery for a success.

Kidney transplants can have complications. But there’s no space for complacency to be. Kidney transplants can be very unpredictable.

Belfast hospital to be the best, statements show

Official statements demonstrate that last year, 74 of the adults living donor transplants were performed in the Belfast facility, which was the most astounding number in the UK in 2016 and 2017, trailed by Manchester, which piled on 68.

About Mark

On Tuesday, Mark, who had beforehand experienced three tiring four-hour sessions of dialysis every week, progressed toward becoming transplant number 24 this year, while Jo-Anne was the living donor with the number 11, in the Belfast City Hospital,

Mark’s 25th birthday is one week from now and he had a transplant in 2009 and this pair experienced a long arrangement of demanding medical tests to guarantee that the  52-year-old Jo-Anne’s kidney would be an impeccable match.

Donors are legends. Sure, there are complications. Really big ones. But they’re willing to go on. And that’s what makes them legends.


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