Spectacular Time-Lapse Video of Earth Taken by the ISS


An astonishing video footage showing the Earth from the International Space Station was recently posted on Twitter by astronaut Alexander Gerst of the European Space Agency. The speed of this incredible video is accelerated by a factor of 12.5 and it shows the view of our planet as the space station is taking a tour over the US and Africa, at approximately 8,700 miles (or 14,000 kilometers).

An astronaut thrilled about his cosmic experience

There are currently six astronauts aboard the space station: Gerst, together with two Russian cosmonauts and three US astronauts. The team has been sharing the same heavenly experience for almost one month and a half. Gerst is visiting the space station for the second time already, and most of his work consists of experiments on subjects such as time perception, as well as cancer research. It seems that the astronaut will remain at the space station up until December. He has been excitingly sharing his adventure on social media, therefore we hope that more outstanding videos will follow soon.

From US to Africa

It looks like the video illustrates a breathtaking view of Earth, captured while the international space station was flying from the US to Africa. What also makes the video amazing is the fact that it was filmed 12.5 times faster than the normal speed, according to what we know from the European Space Agency. What’s more, we learned that not long after the time-lapse video was posted, Gerst and one of his colleagues from the US, astronaut Serena Auñón-Chancellor, induced the release of the Cygnus capsule, whose usage had been to resupply the space station.

In case you haven’t seen the video yet, we definitely recommend you to check it out, as you will remain astonished by the incredible beauty of our tiny blue planet.


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