SpaceX President Stated: Elon Musk Is ‘As Lucid and Capable’ As Ever


According to Bloomberg News, SpaceX President and COO Gwynne Shotwell stated at a satellite conference in Paris that Elon Musk is “as lucid and capable as he has ever been.”

Shotwell added that the SpaceX and Tesla CEO is “a brilliant man,” and she wished “people would not focus on triviality.”

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It all started last month when Musk had a very weird phase, making odd announcements and appearances. He Tweeted that he thought to make the company private and then baked down – however, the Tesla stock sold off since that announcement.

Later, he gave an emotional interview to the New York Times, talking about exhaustion.

And last but not least, he smoked marijuana with a comedian on a popular podcast which was streamed online. He said on the stream that he’d never done it and considers it wouldn’t be right for productive people like him.

Nonetheless, Shotwell insists that Musk’s conduct will not impact the contracts SpaceX would win in the future and that the company’s backers haven’t lost the level of confidence in him, adding that people should “look at the work that Elon’s companies do and focus on that. Not on what he does” in his own spare time.

As for the marijuana part, which was legal in the state where he smoked it, the Air Force stated in an interview with the CNBC that they “will need time to determine the facts and the appropriate process to handle the situation.”

SpaceX already had 16 completed launches, including the debut of the Falcon Heavy – now the most powerful rocket in the world. The newest Falcon 9 rocket, the Block 5, was launched and successfully landed on May 11.

The company has made launches almost every other week, sending into space 4,425 broadband satellites and working on a huge reusable Mars rocket. There’s no doubt SpaceX is now the greatest and most valuable private space company in the world.


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