Scientists to Discover Canada’s Largest Cave


A discovery was recently made by a helicopter team in British Columbia, Canada, during a usual aerial survey. It’s been said that Crewmembers saw an opening of a huge cave that no one knew about – it might be the largest cave in the entire country.

It was found in April. In Wells Gray Provincial Park (the alpine valley), and its mouth gapes 328 feet (100 meters) across, which means that if the Statue of Liberty were to be tripped over on its side, that would be the span of the opening.

The measurements of the cave

It’s also impressive the measurement of the width of the case – 197 feet (that’s 60 m), and it extends about 443 feet (that’s 135 m), as it was recently reported. A biologist that saw the opening named it Sarlacc’s Pit”, from the lair that made a shelter for the predatory Sarlacc in the movie from the Star Wars series – “Return of the Jedi”, as per CBC. The cave was probably hollowed by glaciers in tens of thousands of years, as it became exposed to the sky after the glaciers withdrew.

It’s true; the researchers had to take their time to explore the site. However, a preliminary investigation showed in September that the cave was really important for the country.

During the expedition, the cave was captured in aerial footage made by the geologist named Catherine Hickson, who’s a professor at the University of British Columbia. The video is also on YouTube, and it was posted on the 30th of November by Canadian Geographic. The cave is seen from the air, so it looks like a huge bike that’s taken out of the hillside. The walls plunge downward and the waterfall is more than 252 feet (60m) over the edge.


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