Scientists Test New Gel That Might Make Male Birth Control Possible


Birth control is usually something women have to handle, but this might not be the case in the near future. Scientists are working on a male contraceptive that will come in gel form. the National Institutes of Health (NIH) already began a testing trial for this gel.

The name of this male contraceptive is NES/T and it appears that it will also be used to regulate various functions, including sex drive, as it comes with replacement testosterone. The reason why replacement testosterone is needed is because the gel blocks natural testosterone, so ovulation can be prevented. The hormone used for this gel is a form of progestin.

“This gel would be the first user-controlled method of contraception for men since the introduction of the condom. We hope it will be an acceptable form of contraception that couples will want to use,” explained said Diana Blithe, chief of the contraceptive development program at the National Institute of Child Health and Human Development.

The trial

In order to test the effects of the gel, scientists will track men for one month up to make sure that their sperm production has reduced enough. Their partners will continue to use alternative form of birth control just to be sure. If the trial goes well, couples will use solely the gel. If everything works the way it should, researchers are planning a larger trial in order to get the product approved.

“It’s much harder to repress the production of hundreds of millions of sperm that are produced every day versus one to two eggs produced every month. But researchers are saying look, it’s time for gender equity right now. We need to have more shared responsibility in family planning,” concluded medical contributor Dr. Tara Narula.


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