Residents Flee as Humongous Iceberg Looms over the Village


A 10 million tone iceberg, able to be seen from space, is headed toward a remote Greenland village. For their safety, citizens have moved to higher ground as in case of danger. Should the iceberg fracture, hug waves will hit the coastline and flood the village in a flash.

Stray icebergs have become an increased threat for Greenland.  Due to global warming, more and more glaciers break down, spreading huge icebergs that may float harmlessly or severely endanger human settlements and ships.

Recently an exam of professors witnessed as a big chunk of a glacier became an iceberg right under their eyes. The event, filmed by one of the professors seeks to is another proof that unchecked global warming leads not only to the destruction of the glaciers but also to dire consequences for Earth itself. With every iceberg that melts, the sea level increases, flooding areas that were once safe to inhabit and reshaping the landscape in the process.

In the wake of USA leaving the Paris Accords, global warming is even more dangerous than it has ever been. Losing support from one of the world’s wealthiest countries seemed to discourage many of the remaining members. Their efforts however continue, and new members are inducted as soon as they wish to join. It is critical to reducing pollution world-wide in order to slow down, let alone stop the harmful phenomenon.

As temperature increased by almost one degree since 1900, many of the glaciers around the world started to quickly disappear under the unforgiving rays of the sun. Should the process continues to remain unchecked, not only Greenland will be endangered. Several of the world’s largest capitals will certainly be flooded if water levels continue to rise. While the iceberg that may avoid the Greenland village, it will soon melt and may end up flooding it instead.


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