Researchers Identify a New Part in the Brain


Over three decades ago George Paxinos observed a variety of strange-looking cells near the stem of the brain, but he dismissed them as nothing important.

He returned to the region in 2018 and this time he decided to explore the area.  To his surprise, Paxinos discovered a new and unmapped region of the brain that is thought to be responsible for fine motor control, the capacity to write, play some instruments and play sports.

Paxinos one of the most renowned researchers in his field as millions of students, doctors and researchers consult his work in order to learn more about the brains of both humans and animals.

The region contains several groups of brain cells. It has been named ‘’the Endorestiform nucleus’’ after its particular location at the base of the brain and in the restiform body. What makes it particularly interesting is the fact that appears to be specific to humans as researchers failed to identify it in other subjects like the marmoset or rhesus monkey.

Since the trait wasn’t spotted among other apes Paxinos believes that it is responsible for the fine motor skills that are specific to humans. The structure seems to be important but further research is needed in order to determine its exact purpose and functions. As Paxinos focuses only on mapping the brain other researchers will have to pick up the discovery on jump down the rabbit hole in order to find more about.

For several decades it was thought that the human brain has an unlimited numbers of neurons available but the real number can be estimated at approximately 86 million neurons for the average person. Learning more about the brain and how it functions is a vital task as it allows researchers to learn more about the problems that affect the brain during its lifetime, including the appearance and development of some neurological afflictions like motor neuron disease and Alzheimer’s.


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