‘Ray of Hope’ for Congo’s Ebola Patients: Experimental Treatment Helps Two Patients Recover


According to the announcement from Congo’s health ministry, two of the ten people that received an experimental treatment for the Ebola virus have recovered. They have been monitored to see how the treatment helped them recover.

Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus, the director general of the World Health Organization (WHO), has congratulated Congo for using the experimental treatments available in the latest Ebola outbreak, saying that it was “a global first, and a ray of hope for people with the disease.”

The experimental treatment that proved to be successful in two patients was isolated from a survivor of the virus outbreak in 1995. The mAb114 treatment is the first of the five other experimental treatments that Congo used in the outbreak which started on 1 August.

The emergency preparedness chief of the WHO stated on 24 August that Ebola has spread to a place of high-security risk, endangering the health of medical teams. The northwestern part of Congo is densely populated, and armed groups ready to attack were threatening the mission of finding and monitoring people that came in contact with the infected people.

77 Cases of Ebola in Congo

Congo stated that they had 77 confirmed cases of Ebola. Only 11 people have recovered, and 39 have died. The officials said they have 28 probable cases, but the biological samples cannot get to the laboratory to be tested.

Depending on the strain of the virus, the hemorrhagic fever known as Ebola is fatal in almost 90% of cases and can be spread through contact with infected bodily fluids, including through contact with the dead.

Until now, Congo has had ten outbreaks of Ebola, with the North Kivu province facing the first outbreak this year. Other regions affected by the virus are the Ituri province, borders Uganda, Rwanda and South Sudan.

WHO said that the risk is high in national and regional areas, but it doesn’t advise to restrict travel.


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