Radiation Pills for Residents in Amherstburg that Live Near Nuclear Plant


It looks like residents that have been living near the nuclear plant, namely residents from the Town of Amherstburg, will be given potassium iodide pills. The people that will be given these will be those that live the nearest to the nuclear plant, the Enrico Fermi 2 Nuclear Generating Station.

What are KI pills

These pills that are given out are supposed to make the thyroid stop absorbing the radioactive iodine that could be released if a nuclear accident ever takes place. However, the research done so far does not indicate that these pills could prevent long term thyroid cancer from setting in.

Giving out these pills

In order for people in the selected area to get their allocated number of pills they will have to first receive a letter that is going to invite them to pick up these pills. If someone does not receive a letter like this then it means that they do not fall within the danger zone so they should rest easily.

When health authorities were questioned about whether or not his move came out of a need to calm down a future disaster the officials stated that no, this is not the cause. The situation at the nuclear plant is stable, what changed is the fact that now authorities are more interested in preventing disasters rather than dealing with the aftermaths.

The Canadian Nuclear Safety Commission’s main goal is making sure that all the resident that are in the primary zone, meaning the zone within 16 kilometers of the nuclear plant, are all prepared as best as they can for a worst-case scenario. Perhaps authorities are going to introduce more prevention measures in the area in the future, all the ensure that the residents of that do not fall into more than could have been presented.


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