Pediatricians Alliance of Ontario Urges Parents to Have Their Children Immunized


In a news release from the Pediatricians Alliance of Ontario, doctors have asked parents to include in their new year’s resolutions an important step: to get their children immunized. Immunization is free for all Canadian families and helps protect their children against many dangerous and even fatal diseases like chicken pox, diphtheria, measles, mumps, polio, tetanus, whooping cough, and more.

There is a schedule of immunizations available in every province.

Parents that go on their first visit to a pediatrician with their baby will usually receive an appointment for the first vaccination. Then, they will get other successive appointments to follow an immunization schedule, which was provided by the health authorities.

Keep Children Healthy – Get Them Immunized

The Pediatricians Alliance of Ontario’s President Dr. Hirotaka Yamashiro stated in the news release that it is “is the perfect time of year to emphasize the ‘V in ResolVe’ to update and schedule vaccines.” He also told parents to recite the following words and remember to keep their children safe from disease:

“As caring parents, we resolVe for 2019 to ensure that vaccines for our children/youth are up-to-date so they will stay healthy. I will (a) find their yellow immunization card and (b) book an appointment to see my primary care pediatrician or family doctor if I’m not sure my yellow card is up to date, and (c) if I cannot find my yellow card, contact my doctor or local public health unit to make sure my child is up-to-date.”

As the flu season has begun early, pediatricians warn of a spike in pneumonia cases in children that began “rippling across” the province of Ontario. Parents are urged to get their children vaccinated against the flu. Children over six months will get a flu shot and the ones over the age of two get the nasal spray vaccine.


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