Parents Shocked When Their Baby Was Born With Black ‘Batman’ Birthmark on Her Face


When Lacey Jackson (35) gave birth to her daughter, both she and her husband Andrew (34) were shocked to see the enormous black birthmark on her face. They admitted they were “filled with panic” when they first saw the mark, which looked strikingly similar to Batman’s mask.

The mom recalls the day she gave birth to Natalie:

“Hearing her first cry was so special. Then the nurse lifted our girl up, after my C-section, and I saw the big black mark on the left-hand side of her face. She was so beautiful, but it looked like a bruise and I was worried in case it was something I had done to her during my pregnancy.”

Fortunately, medics calmed the parents down, explaining it was just a birthmark. Natalie was healthy and was breathing.

But then, just like any parent, Lacey feared what would people think of the birthmark:

“As I cuddled our gorgeous baby girl, feeling enamoured by her, I worried that people might just see her for her birthmark, and not the beautiful person I knew she would grow to be.”

Natalie is a Baby Superhero

Then they decided to show Natalie so much love so that she can get all the confidence she deserves to show the world she is beautiful, no matter what. When the couple arrived home, their two older children – Elliott (7) and Devin (4), they met Natalia:

“One of the boys asked, ‘What’s that on her face, mummy? What’s the black mark?’ I told him it was her superhero mask. I told them that, because of it, she could achieve anything.”

People seeing Natalie said that her birthmark makes the baby look gorgeous and the parents couldn’t agree more!

She Could Develop Melanoma Later in Life – The Chances Are Slightly Increased

The baby went to get an ophthalmologist’s opinion to see if the birthmark caused damage to her eye. A dermatologist and a skin specialist also saw her, and she also got an MRI scan.

Natalie is healthy, but the birthmarks will grow as she will too. In the future, she could have some health risks, like an increased risk of developing melanoma.

The parents have faith that Natalie will grow strong, and she will be safe from any health issues:

“We know she will come up against some difficulties, but her mark means she is going to be strong no matter what life throws at her.”


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