One Child Dead and Dozens Critically Ill With Lethal ‘Flu-Like Symptoms’ at Stoney First Nation, Alberta


On Wednesday, 4 April, police and paramedics arrived at a home on Stoney First Nation, after receiving a call about two sick children.

One of the children was found dead in the morning, and officials believe it’s because of an illness. Paramedics arrived and found one of the children in a critical condition, while the other was declared dead.

Alberta Health Services has stated that there was a total of 15 people which needed medical attention, and 10 out of them were children. At the scene, there were four adults who also had to go to the hospital.

The patients had “influenza-like symptoms”, according to Alberta Health Services.

“Illness of medical origin”

Although the illness hasn’t been yet discovered, a spokesperson for Emergency Medical Services stated that officials are trying to discover what was the cause of death and illness that hospitalized the other persons. “Concerns of trauma or violence” are out of the question, said the spokesperson.

Stuart Brideaux said the following:

“From the presentation of many of the patients that we transported, it seems to be an illness of medical origin, perhaps not necessarily an external factor but that is not yet determined.”

Brideaux mentioned that there were six ambulances at the scene, taking all the patients to the hospital.

A Tragedy for the Family

The family affected by the illness had many members, said a band councilor for the Wesley First Nations, Watson Kaquitts. According to a relative of the family that spoke on the mother’s behalf, it seems that they had children aged from four months to age 21, and the one that died was the baby.

Watson Kaquitts said that the community was shocked to hear the news and that they ‘know it’s really tragic for the family’.

At the moment, a major crimes unit with the RCMP is also investigating the case.


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