Nucleus’ Particles Pair Up Reaching High Energies


If an atom’s nucleus is hit hard enough it can fall apart and the way in which it happens hints the internal structure of it and may be of the neutron stars as well. Due to excess neutrons and how particles in the nucleus pair up they can reach higher energies than ever.

The nucleus is made out of protons that attract each other because are positive and do not explode because of the neutral neutrons which also glues the protons together. As messy as it sounds, it is not. Neutrons and protons stack are aiming to fill their shells with energy.

No more staying in their shells

If hit with an electron a proton or a neutron pops out from a nucleus if their energy is not too high (and 20 percent of them have it too high).

The pairing of protons and neutrons will make a nificant energy together and can outgrow the shell theory by occupying a bigger shell. While moving around the nucleus, they form a current.

In case there are extra neutrons in the game they will feel like third wheels, and they will try to prevent protons from pairing with their favorite neutron.

Unique neutron-proton love in an amalgam of neutrons

Neutrons, in fact, play nice according to the experiments conducted on US’ Jefferson Laboratory’s electron-beam accelerator facility which is continuously working and has high rates of acceptance. After shotting high-energy electrons at different chemicals, they have compared the number of protons which each element emitted and the high-energy neutrons.

In order to uncover new physics, some other experiments use the banging of nuclei together method. If understood correctly, the results would make the correct nucleon interactions, but ional study’s findings must be taken into account as well as a matter of safety.


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