New Weight Loss Drug Cleared Safe for Long Term use


A brand new weight-loss drug has been declared a wonder against obesity after research proved that it does not increase the risk of heart disease.

According to the study, lorcaserin is the first long-term drug that is considered safe for the heart, and it could be approved by the NHS for a prescription. Two daily doses will reduce your appetite by chemically inducing a feeling of fullness. In a study that took place in the US, those that consumed the drug shed a remarkable 9 pounds after 40 months of use

Tam Fry, a representative of the national obesity forum has declared that the drug was god-sent., as it was researched by several specialists before a safe formula was found. Now patients will be able to change their life easier.

The drug will become available in the UK only after it is approved by the NHS. Since an appetite suppressant is not available in the UK, it could make a big difference for some patients, who may opt for the drug instead of invasive surgery.

In the US the drug has been made available by the Food and Drug Administration in 2012 for tests and commercially since 2013. It costs between £155 to 225.  The study that observed long-term effects was led by Dr. Erin Bohula.  Patients have been septic about taking drugs, since many that seemed efficient at first proved out to pose serious threats as they endangered the heart.

After at least one year patients that took lorcaserin lost at least 5% of their body weight since they started the trial. Only 17% of the placebo patients had similar results.  Tests that verified valve damage were taken by 3,270 patients but no significant differences were observed.

While suicidal thoughts and attitudes were observed in 21 people that took lorcaserin (and 11 of the placebo users) people that fight weight issues are prone to depression.


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