New Study Will Change our Perception on Using Dairy Fats


In our days, more and more people choose alternatives to cow’s milk, as they believe that other options might have more benefits for their health, but is this really the case? A great number of people seem to believe that low-fat products are healthy, but are they really right?

Dairy fats might not be that bad for us

Earlier this week, a study was published in The American Journal of Clinical Nutrition, which might shed some light on the ongoing issue of whether we should consume saturated fats. This new study looked at the death rates of 2,907 adults during a 22-year period. It appears that no matter if the levels of dairy fats in people’s blood were higher or lower, the individuals had the same rate of death.

What do the new findings mean?

Apparently, it was not important if people drank skim, whole or 2-percent milk. Also, the consumption of margarine versus butter did not make any difference. According to the researchers, the conclusion was that dairy-fat consumption at a later point in life does not have a big influence on the total mortality.

The new discoveries may come as a surprise for those who believe that whole-fat dairy is bad for their health and can lead to heart disease. According to Marcia de Oliveira Otto, the lead researcher of this study, the new findings are contrary to the latest common beliefs that saturated fats are bad for us. She also mentioned that there has been a number of other recent studies that “have found the same thing.”

However, the downside of this study is that there is no distinction between the consumption of milk, cheese, butter or yogurt. Nevertheless, thanks to this new research, we might reconsider what we thought we knew about whole-fat dairy.


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