New Dark Fluid Theory Seeks to Explain the Mystery of Dark Matter


The elusive nature of dark matter has continued to fascinate science for decades. A lost theory that was elaborated by Albert Einstein may finally offer a solution.

It is generally agreed that over 95% of the universe is composed of dark matter and dark energy. The problem is that their existence has been based on the effects that they seem to have on regular matter. Most of the instruments created by researchers failed to detect any traces of black matter over the span of five decades.

A newly published paper argues that a theory dismissed by Albert Einstein may explain what the two black elements are. It also consolidates the notions of dark matter and dark energy into a single element called dark fluid, which floats around the entire universe.

If the dark fluid is real, it may possess a particularly interesting trait called negative mass. Regular matter features positive mass and it is able to attract other matter. Negative mass is able to reject other matter, and this opens to way to a variety of possibilities. If one tried to push and object endowed with negative mass away the object would actually come closer. This hypothetically allows negative fluid to circulate freely in the universe.

The theory originates from an idea Einstein had when he was trying to explain the cosmological constant which was later used in his well-known equations for general relativity. While at first he admitted the notion of negative mass Einstein would later change the definition of the cosmological constant before it was removed completely in 1931, when research proved that the universe is dynamically expanding.

At that time Einstein believed that the cosmological constant will remain one of the greatest mistakes in the world of physics but modern researchers have a different opinion. The cosmological constant is vital for the viability of the lambda-CDM model, one of the most popular cosmological models.

The model also implies the existence of dark matter but researchers are still struggling to identify the mysterious element. While some voices argued that the theory of general relativity may be faulty and the concepts of dark matter and energy should be abandoned they were not able to prove their assertions.


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