NASA’s Warning: A Meteor Strike Could Threat Our Planet


NASA’s scientists are assuming that an asteroid strike could be possible anytime soon and Earth could be in danger. The alarming theory that could come true is issued by Jim Bridenstine, NASA’s chief scientist. The idea of an apocalyptic scenario has been discussed at a conference with scientists and engineers that have tried to find a method of defending the planet. The exercise of planetary defense was presented at the 2019 Planetary Defense Conference in College Park, Maryland. This is not the first event of this type, but this year the theme was to combat imminent asteroid impact.

What Did the Scientists Talk about?

Two things are trying the scientists to accomplish: a way of combating the asteroid impact and the emergency evacuation plans. Dr. Bridenstine is saying that some measures have to be taken because the goal and entire purpose is to protect the only planet that we know and has life on it, our world. Even the famous scientist Bill Bye was presented at the conference and had talked about the possible and existential threat to humanity. His opinion is that Earth will be hit again by a big asteroid; the only problem that we encounter is that we don’t know when. Maybe it won’t happen in our lifetime, but nothing is for sure, so if we don’t prepare for this, everything will be deleted.

Also, during the conference, they have played a simulation exercise that gave them eight years to prepare for a meteor impact. The city targeted was New York who was blasted with energy higher than the nuclear bomb that had destroyed Hiroshima. Finally, NASA and SpaceX have plans to develop a Double Asteroid Redirection Test for an imminent collision of an asteroid. On the other hand, the Large Synoptic Survey Telescope in Chile has the task to observe and detect 90% of the asteroids with a rage bigger than 140 meters.


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